Octopus Tie Dye Shirts 2019

I enjoy making these shirts - there's no doubt about it.

I generally get the shirts screen printed first - normally black on black (although there are a few white ones here) and then I process them.  There are a few different process I use - generally I use a powerful bleach to leach out the colour and then I put the colour back as I want. Following this I will then put back several layers of colour to build up the complexity along with detail that I put on top using sponge or pumice or sometimes brushes, aerosol cans, misters and pipettes.  I would say that making a shirt is very much a process that is like mixing music - you know where you want it go and you lead it towards your intention although you're not quite sure exactly what the outcome is going to be.

Here are the shirts available for 2019.  Each one is unique and its first come first served.  Some are more expensive than others to reflect the varying amount of time that it took to make them.  The wax ones are the most expensive because of the time it takes to process the wax onto and off of the garment.  But the wax ones are certainly the most impressive.

Dont forget that this is like a painting - so don't throw it in the boil wash and then aggressively tumble dry the balls out of it.

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