Amplifier "M/CR18" - DVD (2020)

"M/CR18 is the multicam capture of Amplifier's show in Manchester Acadmey3 on 24th March 2018.  Featuring a setlist comprised of the top fan voted songs polled over the end of 2017.  Clocking in at a behmoth 2 hours it showcases the diversity of the weighty Amplifier back catalogue." 




2 Hour Rockfest as if you have telescopic eyes.


  1. Matmos
  2. O Fortuna
  3. Panzer
  4. Rainbow Machine
  5. Interstellar
  6. Open Up
  7. Continuum
  8. Freakzone
  9. Kosmos (Grooves Of Triumph)
  10. The Wave
  11. Where The River Goes
  12. The Octopus
  13. Motorhead
  14. Airborne
  15. UFOs


It's a beast of a best of a show - but mostest best of all is that you can go to the toilet or get a beer from the fridge without missing anything.


For a heightened experience we recommend investing in some additional mini strobe lighting from amazon to plac