Yes - It's a record.  
You can play it backwards and summon the future ghost of The Protagonist.  

Like the CD - you have some lyrics.  In English.  

There was talk of a Martian version.  

But that was scrapped.


It has two apparent sides and a 3rd extra dimensional side that you'll need a patented Rockosmos MultiD Player to access>
Available from the future.


Pre-orders will be signed - and we'll send you a download code on release day too!


Side A

1.Veldt 2. Cranefly 3. Figstorm 4. Buttersun


Side B

5. Deckchair For Your Ghost 6. Make Me Young, etc 7. Tempe Terra

Total time - 40 minutes

Thumpermonkey - Make Me Young, etc - 180 Vinyl