Rael Jones - "Mandrake" - CD edition

You probably know Rael as the guitarist in Thumpermonkey who is generally found lurking in the mosh pit with his strat.
However what you didnt know is that he is actually a screen composer and also writes chamber music in his spare time.
Mandrake is Rael's first solo album of his mind bogglingly awesome chamber music from 2013.  We thought we'd give you all a chance to get to know it before his next solo album comes out.
I think you'll agree it's pretty special

Click on the linked titles to see the recording session!

1 Lacuna

2 Feet

3 High, Plain

4 Chug Up, Chug Down

5 Algernon

6 Jimmy Runs Home

7 Silflay

8 Boca Del Cielo

9 Friendly Reminder


Total Time 28 minutes



25 Signed copies available


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Rael Jones - "Mandrake" - CD edition