Thumpermonkey -"Live At The Victoria" - Digital Download

Thumpermonkey - Live At The Victoria, Dalston London - 31st May 2019.


1. Tzizimime - Live At The Victoria 03:56    
2. Abyssopelagic - Live At The Victoria 06:43    
3. Veldt - Live At The Victoria 05:31    
4. Deckchair For Your Ghost - Live At The Victoria 05:41    
5. Garmonbozia - Live At The Victoria 04:34    
6. This Is Not A Fire - Live At The Victoria 04:58    
7. Proktor Cylex - Live At The Victoria 06:04    
8. Wheezyboy - Live At The Victoria 05:08    
9. Whateley (Bonus Track) - Live At The Victoria 07:09


Total Time - 51 Minutes


Featuring a set that is drawn from the breadth of Thumpermonkey's unique back catalogue, these songs cover it all.
From the minutia of modern existence as captured in the the world of fascism and electric toasters to asteroid sized songs concerning life/ death and galactic fatalism.
All wreathed in Flaming Satellites.


released October 7, 2019

Thumpermonkey is: Rael Jones, Sam Warren, Michael Woodman, Ben Wren.

All tracks mixed by Al Green, except 'Whateley', mixed by Ben Wren.

Mastered by Ben Wren.

All tracks recorded by The Drum Tamer @ Hidden Colour Audio.
Tracks 1 to 8 recorded at The Victoria, Dalston, on London on 31st May 2019.
"Whateley" recorded at West Street Live, Sheffield on 23rd July 2017.

Front cover photography by #simonkallas.

Cover design by Michael Woodman.



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Thumpermonkey -"Live At The Victoria" - Digital Download

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