I don't know if I'm paralysed,

or if I'm standing still,

just in case it's perfect...

But when I try to describe the noise in this room,

words that come to me sound like entomology,

and that's when I’m furthest away

from naming it again.

One night out on the veldt,

fell into that glowing cave.

I had no idea there were such spaces in me.

I can't believe I've become fascinated again.

Nothing like I thought that it would be,

hidden in here.

Things that glow down here don't burn my skin.

Did you always know that this was in?

I'm fascinated again.

Part of me's laughing

But part of me's something that I'll never ever name.

I can't believe I've become fascinated again.

Back above the ground,

I cannot speak.

Came back minutes old,

 'cos you led me here.

I would not have found this on my own.