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Residue (Double Remaster) WAV

You'll recieve a text document with a link to our Dropbox as this albu is WAAAY too big to be hosted on this pitiful store

You'll recieve this free when you buy a Vinyl Version

"We've remixed and remastered the original Residue tracks for Vinyl and additionally included some previously unheard demos and thrown in the tracks from Insider Versions as well to make a bumper double album of gems from the diamond mine on Crystal Mountain."

1.Teen Vogue 04:56

2.Outsider 04:36

3.Flame 05:36

4.Strange Seas Of Thought (Wistful Version) 06:27

5.Fluttering Bird 03:53

6.Red Feather 03:48

7.Insider (Undersea Lounge Version) 05:52

8.Mosaic 08:08

9.Time Travel 04:49

10.Crush 04:40

11.Sleepers 03:48

12.Beyond The Valley 08:28

13.Fake Furcoat 01:56

14.O Fortuna (Spacelounge Version) 05:33

15.Jets To Brazil 07:35

16.Gustav's Departure (Spirit and Mind Version) 06:52

Residue (Double Remaster) WAV

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