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Line Up

Tam Ali - Bass / Vocals

Taran Ali - Drums

James Borrowdale - Guitar

Production - Iago Lorenzo

Recorded - Planta Sonica Vigo Spain


Getting to this point has been a gritted story of just sheer determination, patience and copious amounts of weed.

But the outcome is pretty damn impressive.

There's a reason why they wanted to be photographed in front of a massive bruise.

It will probably be self explanatory.

Kerrang - "Conduit is an expansive debut album that announces AWOOGA like an alarm with lush arrangements and explosions of volume, expertly woven"

Metal Hammer - "Conduit feels like the proverbial Empire Strikes Back to Alpha's A New Hope. The LP shines as the next steps in AWOOGA's continuing evolution…"

Power Play - "As fearless and as uncompromising as Tool with the innate melodic drive of Alice In Chains, AWOOGA are a breath of gloriously fresh air...AWOOGA deserve wider recognition. Conduit could be the key to opening that door"

Prog - "AWOOGA exist somewhere between brutality and tranquility….An intense journey into weirdo prog…"

Planet Rock - "Awooga are purveyors of colossal, sensory-consuming, space-tinged music that’s imbued with elements of psych, prog and stoner rock…"

RGM - "If Denis Villeneuve’s re-work of the novel DUNE needs a soundtrack, then it need not be written, AWOOGA have written it. Riding the megalithic sand-worms into battle against your enemies has never been groovier, never been more stylish."

Real Gone Rocks - " Heaviness. Melody. Complexity without self-indulgence. The fact that Awooga also pack everything into just forty minutes just makes it even better. You couldn’t ask for more from a heavy release: ‘Conduit’ has it all…except filler."

Awooga are on tour with AMPLIFIER in Europe in MAY
More dates to be announced shortly.
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