Sep 18, 2018

Steve Davis / Kavus Torabi 'Interesting Alternative' show with Thumpermonkey, 17-09-2018


Edited: Sep 18, 2018


If you missed the Interesting Alternative show with Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi on 17-09-2018, here's the mix-cloud version - 2 hours of unusual music chosen by the band, (including new Thumpermonkey tracks), plus a bit of lydian-dominant improv.

Tonight’s playlist:

01 – Koenjihyakkei – Phlessttighas (Dhorimviskha, 2018)

02 – a.P.A.t.T. – Yes.. That’s Positive (Fun With Music, 2016)

03 – Björk – Pleasure Is All Mine (Medúlla, 2004)

04 – Thumpermonkey – Veldt (Make Me Young, etc., 2018)

05 – Scott Walker – Face On Breast (Tilt, 1995)

06 – Rabbit Rabbit – The Perfect Abomination (Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Vol. 3 – Year Of The Wooden Horse, 2015)

07 – Charlie Cawood – Apotheosis (The Divine Abstract, 2017)

08 – Oxbow – Cold & Well-Lit Place (Thin Black Duke, 2017)

09 – Adrian Belew – Of Bow And Drum (Op Zop Too Wah, 1996)

10 – Louis Cole – You Will See (Album 2, 2012)

11 – Genevieve Artadi – Whatever Whatever (Genevieve Lalala, 2015)

12 – Thumpermonkey – Garmonbozia (Electricity, 2017)

13 – Secret Chiefs 3 / Ishraqiyun – Spiritus Intelligentiae: Jophiel (Perichoresis, 2014)

14 – North Sea Radio Orchestra – Vishnu Schist (Dronne, 2016)

15 – Lapsus Linguae – Papa Shiteholez Gonna Nail Ur Eggz (Ghosts, 2014)

16 – Eric Dolphy – Straight Up And Down (Out To Lunch, 1964)

17 – Boards Of Canada – Over The Horizon Radar (Geogaddi, 2002)

18 – David Shire – Return To Oz: Finale And End Credits (Return To Oz, 1985)

19 – Stars In Battledress – Pinocchio Falls In Love (Secrets And Signals, 2003)

20 – Thumpermonkey – Secret Names (Cassette Rarities, 2018)

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    Sep 17

    Friday, 31st May - Tickets £8 adv / £10 OTD. Tickets available from WEGOTTICKETS and DICE Listen to all three acts via this handy Spotify Playlist THUMPERMONKEY https://thumpermonkey.bandcamp.com/ “There’s modern classical, metal, jazz, and post-rock in the complicated theatre of this Scott Walker-esque fin-de-siecle fever dream that loops in Magma, Peter Hammill, Gentle Giant and Shudder to Think for a challenging yet beautifully constructed listen”. CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE “...an audacious and utterly absorbing statement from a band that have always seemed to revel in their shadowy, underground status, but that here sound ready to step into the light and blow some minds” PROG MAGAZINE. LOST CROWNS https://lostcrowns.bandcamp.com/ Hawking their debut album Every Night Something Happens, are an avant-psych supergroup who play complex dream-like songs with a very large number of notes. They're not showing off - they just feel that way. It's difficult for them but easy for you. After all, a humming bird beats its wings a lot but what a lovely sound (if you like that sort of thing). Pretty "far-out", as they used to call it. Piano, harmonium, harpsichord, clarinet, Vox amps, double-kick drums - that kind of stuff. The head will leave the body. "Lost Crowns could be a new national musical treasure waiting to be unearthed." Prog Magazine "One of our favourite new bands" Stuart Maconie KAVUS TORABI https://kavustorabi.bandcamp.com "London based, genre fluid, psychedelic musician/ composer, Kavus Torabi, has been sorting the heads from the haircuts since the late 90’s. The perennial square peg, Torabi is a mainstay of several cult bands, including Knifeworld, Cardiacs, Gong and Guapo. Torabi will be performing brand new music from his forthcoming solo album using his voice, guitar and a hand-pumped harmonium."
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    Nov 20, 2018

    S’il ne me restait qu’un jour à vivre, je choisirais d’écouter le vinyle Make Me Young Etc pour le faire tourner encore et encore sur ma platine, jusqu’au dernier moment, pour savourer jusqu’à la fin la musique de Thumpermonkey. Read the full review here: