Amplifier "Debut" extended version - Double 180g Vinyl

This item is currently in manufacturing and is mostly pre-sold.  There are limited number of additional copies available, so if you would like one then please click on "notify me" and we'll send you an alert when they go up on sale.



Ok - if you missed out on the original vinyl issue of 500 from 2016 then now is your chance.

This time - in order to make it unique in itself we'll issue it in the nice vinyl colour scheme and also we'll cut a one off version which ends in Glory Electricity after UFOs.

If you already got the original issue then you can either have 2 if you like - or you can almost certainly sell the original one on Amazon or ebay for a hefty profit.

Don't say we don't look out for you.

Amplifier "Debut" extended version - Double 180g Vinyl