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Sel Balamir - ( )rphans Limited Edition Vinyl (2022)

***All orders over £30 are eligible for discounts***

180g of Purple Coloured Lovliness
Mick Dundee would approve.

WIX will send you a free DL code sent to your email after checkout - so you can listen while you wait for arrival!


Side A
1.Theme (From Crocodile Dundee) 05:51

2.Astral Womb 07:04

3.Pink Bows 05:53

Side B

4.Mannequin 07:51

5.Don't Wear The Crown 11:02

6.Orphans 03:25

You can see how I made Mannequin right here

Sel Balamir - ( )rphans Limited Edition Vinyl (2022)

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