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Amplifier - "The Octopus" CD Mediabook


1) The Runner 2) Minion’s Song 3) Interglacial Spell 4) The Wave 5) The Octopus 6) Planet Of Insects 7) White Horses At Sea //Utopian Daydream 8) Trading Dark Matter On The Stock Exchange



9) The Sick Rose 10) Interstellar 11) The Emperor 12) Golden Ratio 13) Fall Of The Empire 14) Bloodtest 15) Oscar Night // Embryo 16) Forever And More


TOTAL TIME: 2hrs, 2minutes


A complete analysis of the human condition and existence from Birth to Death., from before and beyond. Absolutely a titanic heavyweight. The Masterpiece. It weighs in at over 2 Hours so it is unlikely that you will get through it all in the first sitting.

In fact it will probably take you a couple of months. But we guarantee that every second you invest in this record will be paid back to you ten times over for the rest of your life.

This record took four years to make and it will almost certainly be the first and only opportunity that we get to invest that level of self-indulgence into making a record. If you've ever been in a band and had a wetdream about making some kind of uber-album - well here it is. We really didn't care less about whether or not people liked this record when we made it, and we went on to sell 20,000 copies of it from Matt's garage. And this is just the musical element that we are discussing. The whole book and special edition side of "The Octopus" is a seperate philosophy/art project in its own right, and represents about ten years of thought.

If you like your music to have an almost infinite number of layers - all contained within themselves like a series of Russian Dolls that are carved out of pure Rock - then The Octopus will be your "Dark Side Of The Moon" (as a lot of people have described it)

But don't take our word for it...

  • “There is something heroic about Amplifier's embrace”. The Times 4/5
  • “The Octopus is an album for others' material to be compared to not only in 2011, but for many more years to come” BBC
  • “The grand benchmark against which all British rock albums will be judged this year” - Classic Rock presents Prog
  • “a multifaceted journey into untold music dimension”. Classic Rock 8/10
  • ”The Octopus is a beast of Kraken-esque size and magnificence”. Kerrang 4K
  • “a sprawling double album of epic soundscapes, a hugely impressive triumph of self-belief”  - Metal Hammer 8/10


This edition is the 64 page media book edition which contains the full transcript of The Octopus Tractaus from the Special Edition.

Keep it by the toilet.

Amplifier - "The Octopus" CD Mediabook

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