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Amplifier - "Mystoria"

Mystoria 2014


We shot all the photography with Sam Ryley in Port Merrion where they filmed "The Prisoner".


That was a pretty bizarre day.


How apt.


There's a special edition Mediabook where we indulge the fever dream vision of arcade machines and a fantasy horse.


There's also a vinyl version here






01. Magic Carpet

02. Black Rainbow

03. Named After Rocky

04. Cat's Cradle

05. Bride

06. Open Up

07. Meld (Summer Of Love)*

08. OMG

09. The Meaning Of If

10. Darth Vader *

11. Crystal Mountain

12. Crystal Anthem

(*Bonus Tracks on Media Book Version)


Recorded April 2014 Monnow Valley,

Wales Mixed by Sel Balamir / Chris Sheldon


Mastered by Peter Van T' Riet Available


Formats: 180 Vinyl (10 tracks w/ standard CD)


CD Media Book (12 tracks Special Artwork)


Digital Download

Amplifier - "Mystoria"

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